Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Million Thank Yous

Race week is here! I think what I am about to do JUST sunk in.

I am running the New York City Marathon! 26.2 miles...

I am excited and nervous for Sunday, and extremely anxious for the finish line. I know the energy from the crowd will help encourage me to finish (and that is my ONLY goal), but a major motivator will be the love and support I have received from many people. I plan to express my gratitude to each person/organization individually, but until then...

  • My family, including my parents, Melanie and Tom Z.; my sister (who is also running the marathon, Adrienne Z.; my fiancee, Larry P.; his mother, Helayne and brothers Jordan and Zach
  • My corporate sponsors PopChips, Saladworks, and Asics
  • My fellow NYC Sick Chicks, Jodi M. and Sara N.
  • Annie and Rich F.
  • Tony and Beth N. (Tony is also running!)
  • My Rheumy, Dr. Yee
  • Artie and Olga B.
  • Candice H.
  • Sean and Liz H.
  • Erin P.
  • Gary and Francine H.
  • Gina L.
  • Jade M.
  • John and Susan Z.
  • John and Renee G.
  • Jon A.
  • Justin and Michele B.
  • Dr. Kim V.
  • Mario and Cathy H.
  • Melissa and Michael S.
  • Rob C.
  • Carmen and Steve F.
  • TJ
  • Trudi K.
  • Zoe B.


  1. You go girl! All the way to the finish line. You are an inspiration.

  2. Run Kat, Run!!!
    I'll be cheering you on.