Friday, June 24, 2011

NYC Marathon - To Run or Not To Run?

Before I was diagnosed with RA, I was a novice, recreational runner. My father was a runner and he somehow got the whole family into running/walking. We participated in many races together, including the Shelter Island 10k and the Long Island State Parks Summer Run series. As I was increasing my running chops (I somehow got down to a 9 minute mile - a major coup for a total non-athlete like me!), a crazy thought entered my little brain...

...maybe I will run a marathon...

Once RA took over my body, though, that thought quickly vanished, along with a lot of the other things I enjoyed (dancing, yoga, exercising, going out for a few drinks with friends). It took time to adjust to my new life, my medication, and my prednisone 20 (oh what a joy!).

It's three and a half years later, and I've truly learned to live and thrive with RA. My medication is working great and I am on a very low dose to boot. I generally feel pretty good and I have a good understanding of what my body can handle. This winter I started to get back into running and I am loving it yet again.

Last weekend, while I was with my family on Long Island, my sister mentioned that a bunch of her friends are running the NYC Marathon this year, and she was thinking about doing it. I encouraged her to do so - it's an accomplishment of a lifetime, and one that is even better if you can do it with a support system.

Then she asked me the question: Do you want to do it too?

So, now I am considering running a marathon - something I wasn't even sure if I wanted to do BEFORE I was diagnosed with RA. But now that I have it, I want to prove to the disease that the disease doesn't control my body: I control my body.

What do you think, Sick Chicks (and dudes): To run or not to run the NYC Marathon?



  1. yes!! you can totally do it! i got an email for my portrait project from a girl who runs all the time. i'm pretty sure she's done the NYC marathon. and if you do, i'll be sure to cheer you on from the sidelines!

  2. Thanks Jodi! I am registered and started my training this weekend. :) We were able to get in through the Arthritis Foundation. Both Adrienne and I will also be fundraising in addition to training! I'll blog about it over the next few months. :)